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How to Print Ticket/Print Remotely/Reprint/Cash Drawer

Print Ticket

1.​​ Select Print button in the Sales screen to print Receipt.

2.​​ Go to the System->Printers to check for the​​ Receipt.

C:UsersAkshathaDesktopAreed for SalePrint ticket.JPG

C:UsersAkshathaDesktopAreed for SalePrint ticket 2.JPG

Print ticket to Remote Printer

1. In the Sales Screen click Print Ticket to remote printer to send Print receipt remotely.

C:UsersAkshathaDesktopAreed for SaleRemote PrinterSS.JPG

Reprint Last Ticket

1.​​ To Reprint the last receipt ,select Reprint Last Ticket button in the Sales Screen.

C:UsersAkshathaDesktopAreed for SaleReprint.JPG

Cash drawer

This is used for opening Cash Drawer and for Reprinting the last Receipt.

1.​​ From sales screen->Go to Cash Drawer button in the extended Row.

C:UsersAkshathaDesktopAreed for SaleCash Drwaer SS1.JPG

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