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Areed​​ APOS​​ recognizes that retail store, restaurant, salons and specialty store owners need a point of sale specifically tailored to their unique businesses. The solution enables retailers to manage inventory and customers, process transactions and dig deep into their store’s analytics.


Areed Point of Sales is suitable for restaurants because​​ it’s​​ simple and easy to use. Whether your restaurant is a single store or multi-chain outlets, it will help you to achieve simplicity in restaurant management. The main modules which are commonly used to manage your restaurant includes table reservation, order by table, easy Menu Management, Recipe Tracking etc.


Areed​​ APOS​​ system is ideal for the beauty and health industry, such as hair, nail and beauty salons. In order to run salon business efficiently, it is essential to keep all customer contacts in which you can always retrieve their information easily. Besides that, your staffs would be able to keep track of customer’s appointment and personalized customer service. They also provide functionalities such as Email​​ Notifications, Report​​ analytics,​​ Free web Presence for Bookings and products.


Retailers usually need a​​ APOS​​ system that comes with a CPU, monitor display, cash register, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and debit/credit card reader. With​​ APOS​​ Market’s All-in-One​​ APOS​​ system bundle, you can save counter space in your retail shop.​​

In addition to that,​​ APOS​​ System application can also handle a great number of functions, catered for customers such as sales,​​ discounts and much​​ more.​​ Thus, maintaining a pleasant shopping experience at your retail store.​​


Laundry​​ APOS​​ helps to add functionalities such as customer information​​ management, customer​​ order​​ tracking, Label printing, Multi​​ Garment Categories and notes etc.

Fruit and Veg shops

Areed​​ APOS​​ helps to add functionalities such as comprehensive selection of fruit & veg’s​​ photo, support​​ reading price embedded​​ code etc.

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