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Step-by-step​​ Overview of the Initial Setup process

STEP​​ 1:
Set up your network/internet connection
• Have your internet service up and running
• Make sure your network router is powered on and functioning

STEP​​ 2:
Unpack all hardware for the​​ APOS​​ stations and arrange them in their chosen point of sale areas
• Keep all the cables with their respective hardware
• Make sure that there is a power outlet near each station

STEP​​ 3:
Connect all the wiring/power cables
• Detailed instructions can be found on our Hardware set up page.

STEP​​ 4:
Connect Point of Sale stations to the network router
• You will need an Ethernet cable that is the proper length to reach your network router

STEP​​ 5:

• Configure your cash drawers and printers
• Install and Configure your AAPOS software.

STEP​​ 6:
Set up your system using APOS​​ Software
•​​ APOS​​ License​​ key.
• Users/Security
• Customers
• Items
• Price levels, taxes and more

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