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  1. Java​​ JRE runtime on your machine. Install the correct JRE runtime and continue with the install.                                                                                                                                                                                           Its’s just a warning message indicating missing Java in the​​ system. Proceed​​ to click okay to               install the Java on your machine.

  2. Error​​ during​​ MySQL​​ Installation
    Search for the UniserverZ folder in the installation drive. Double click on the folders named​​               start_both​​ and database. Later, run the application again.

  3. WRN_00_0000​​ Unknown: Sentinel​​ Key not​​ found. This​​ is a demo version which will run for 30​​ days. After​​ the application will stop.

                It is a warning message for use of sentinel key after 30 days.

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