Point of Sale Solutions for Fruit & Vegetable Shops

Digital Data Assist integrate with all scale made by major brands worldwide that suits fruit and vegetable business.

Comprehensive selections of Fruit & Veg’s photos

Operator can process item by selecting the images of certain Fruit or Vegetable without keying the product name. This limits human errors while increases overall efficiency.

Support reading price embedded barcode

Price embedded barcodes can be embedded with a total price, weight. It can be generated by a label printing scale or other printing device streamlining the price-tagging process for pre-packaged products

Windows Tablet

Areed aPos can be fully integrated with a windows tablet PC & Pocket PC enabling you to the mobility to carry out some of the powerful functions of Areed aPos at the shelf. Stocktaking, Price Change etc

Build your POS System

The Features You Need to Run Your Fruits & Vegetable Shop

Inventory Management

Add, Edit & Delete the shop inventory items to the Point of Sales System in Both Langauges (English & Arabic). Change the Pricing as per your choice.

Loyalty Function to Award Frequent Customers

Implement a VIP Discount with our loyalty function to preset discount rate for VIP customers.

Customer Information Management

Keep a complete record of your client for personalized service, fast processing and complete client satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics

It’s all about taking the right decision at the right time. Measure performance at any level of details and on anything – item, employee, store and more.

Mix & Match Hardware

Tablets, POS registers, laptops, you name it Areed POS can be run on it. Freedom to run on various devices, why be restricted?

How our Software looks like?

Some of Our Customers

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