Retail POS Systems for Better Control

A Point of Sales system that works for any Retail Structure

Stock Management

Get the right item at the right store & in the right quantity. Create and track items easily with category management and product matrix.

Multiple Terminals

Manage all your stores centrally and with ease. Share a common item and inventory file. No data and work duplication.

Bulk Product Upload

Upload all the product and Categories in a GO. Just fill the product data in the Excel Sheet and import the sheet in the POS, the rest our POS will manage automatically.

Sales Report Icon

VAT / Sales / Purchase Reports

Gain real-time visibility into your sales & purchase activity including and excluding TAX.

Build your POS System

The Features You Need to Run Your Retail Business

Proper Stock Management

Good Stock Management starts with proper item classification and definition. That is why Areed POS allows you to define any item based on its attributes. For example a t-shirt could be a combination of attributes like color, size, model, brand, etc. This is a central part of our system as it allows you to:

  • Sell & Manage any type of item together with another
  • Save time and create multiple items as a combination of these attributes
  • Analyze item performance based on any of its attributes (color, size, etc.)

Mix & Match Hardware

Tablets, POS registers, laptops, you name it Areed POS can be run on it. Freedom to run on various devices, why be restricted?

Loyalty Function to Award Frequent Shoppers

Implement a VIP Discount with our loyalty function to preset discount rate for VIP customers.

Reports & Analytics

It’s all about taking the right decision at the right time. Measure performance at any level of details and on anything – item, employee, store and more.

How our Software look like?

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