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Employment Management

A functionality that can easily manage the employees, there daily customers influx and there commission.

Customer Management

Simple Management for customer record. Assign sales to a specific customer.

Services Management

Add, Edit & Delete the Salon service at any time. Feature accesivility as per user role. Services detail both in English & Arabic.

Inventory Management

Add, Edit & Delete the Salon inventory items to the Point of Sales System in Both Langauges (English & Arabic). Change the Pricing as per your choice.

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The Features You Need to Run Your Salon & Spa

Appointment & Booking

Easily ADD Booking and Appointments for each services & specialist. Also receive booking & appointments through internet.

Email Notifications

All Booking & Appointments are confirmed through emails.

FREE Web Presence for Booking & Products

FREE publishing on our dedicated online E-Commerce Portal “”.

Loyalty Function to Award Frequent Visitors

Implement a VIP Discount with our loyalty function to preset discount rate for VIP customers.

Reports & Analytics

It’s all about taking the right decision at the right time. Measure performance at any level of details and on anything – item, employee, store and more.

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